Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ideal & HT Super Doubles

On our final trip for Super Doubles at Harris Teeter last night we were finally able to locate one of the newest no calorie sweeteners called ideal.  It's suitable for people with diabetes, and contains the equivalent of two teaspoons of sugar in each tiny green packet.

This one is a welcome to me because all other artificial sweeteners leave a bad aftertaste for me and I haven't been able to use anything other than the very expensive agave nectar. As usual, I looked for the best bargain on this sweetner to try and got a coupon for $1 off and combined it with the BOGO and super double sale. That made the coupon go up to $2 off, plus the buy one get one free special. They came out to only .83 cents for two boxes of 50 instead of the regular retail price of $2.79 per box!!

(6) Yakisoba Japanese Noodles
(1) Uncle Ben's rice
(4) Ideal sweetener (bogo sale)
(1) pork butt for bbq (markdown $2.26)
(2) gorton grilled fillets (vic sale)

There were $1 coupons doubled for each item making the out of pocket cost only $2.64. So we basically only paid for the pork which will be used for some Memorial Day BBQ. If you need help shopping for your weekend party, just contact us. WE LOVE TO SHOP!!


  1. The ideal was bogo @ $2.79, so it was 2 for $.83. A real deal.

  2. thanks GforMe, good eyes! I fixed the posting to correct it..