Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DEAL: The Advantage of Rainchecks

Are you familiar with getting rainchecks when a product you go to shop for is out of stock? This typically is the problem during doubles/triples, but it can happen at any time you are shopping.
Harris Teeter, as I noted in the previous post, is having a great sale on Pepsi products.  While re-organizing my coupons I came across an old raincheck that allowed me 5 cases for only $1.88!  Luckily the rainchecks at Harris Teeter NEVER EXPIRES.
I was able to get five 12-packs of various flavors for only $3.76.  How did it get that low? Well the Pepsi is buy two get three free, he just adjusted the raincheck and sale by giving me two off the total price. It pays to check out at customer service when you have a quirky order!
The one I found was dated from two years ago or more. I double checked with the manager and he rang the items up for me with no questions or problems. Most other stores may have up to a 90 day expiration clause – so be sure to check your store’s policy.


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