Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Impromptu Party? No Problem Part 2

Now for our 12 step approach to smart shopping. Here are the tricks, tips and details details on how we pulled off an impromptu party spread.
  1. Grilling was already planned and food was thawing, we just pulled out what was on hand 
  2. We had a box shrimp and a quart freezer bag of catfish nuggets stocked from a previous fish dinner
  3. The hush puppies, fries and shrimp were purchased when we caught a BOGO sale
  4. Hot dogs and bread can be found on in-store markdowns frequently so it's a staple for us  
  5. We save money buying items we use often in bulk from membership club Sam's
  6. We referred to both the running lists in our minds and on a paper inventory list
  7. Our inventory was recently updated due to the previous week's triple coupon event 
  8. Almost all our grocery shopping is done using coupons, some club's like BJ's even accepts them
  9. We always use store savings cards or shop at discount grocers like Common Cents Integrity Grocers that don't have cards or take coupons
  10. 95% of our meats are already prepped i.e., cleaned/seasoned/labeled in freezer bags for future meals
  11. With the meat only needing to unthaw before cooking, it was a big time saver
  12. Items we didn't have and would have needed to make a store run were being brought by our guests 
Actrually, by leaving out the details in the example above we can really narrow it down to Four simple steps: Pull it, thaw it, cook it, and share it! We didn't do anything special, just used what we had to save save both time and money.  We were able to enjoy dinner and our company without being worried about not having enough!
    Once you master these skills and incorporate your own, you'll be proud of yourself for being a smart bargain shopper. Now...what day are we invited for your next last minute party? Mail all free e-vites to us at  


    1. Great tips. My neighbors and I are always trying to think of last minute party ideas. We often get stuck at what to eat and how to spend a lot!

    2. WTF* is going on with that hello kitty?

      *What The Flocka