Thursday, April 8, 2010

America’s Next Top Model Casting Call

Wanna Be on Top? Are you a woman between 18 -  27 years  age, at least 5'7" (no weight limits) and think you could become America’s Next Top Model?  Then plan to strut the catwalk at Raleigh CW22's local Top Model casting call.

Thursday, April 8th, 5pm - 9pm
The NC Museum of Natural Sciences
11 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Every qualifying candidate that registers will be interviewed and videotaped on-site. And each contestant must bring the following:
  1. Photocopy of driver’s license 
  2. Social security card 
  3. Completed application 
  4. Three photographs - professional photo's not required
    •  headshot
    •  full body in a bathing suit 
    • full body in clothes. 
A photographer will be on-site if needed, for a nominal charge. If you meet the requirements, contact: Kim Rivenbark, WLFL/WRDC Promotion Mgr   (919-872-9535)

Nationwide Castings
To be considered for a casting appointment nationwide, please email the following people at these locations. For areas that deadlines have passed, you may still get lucky - so give it a try anyway!
Chicago -- -- email by March 19
Alabama -- -- email by March 25
New York -- -- email by April 2 

Dallas-Fort Worth -- --
email by April 9 
Los Angeles -- --
email by April 14


    1. Since when do you have to give your ID, SS card and PAY for pictures. Uhhhh Something in the milk aint' clean. Especially for TOP MODEL. Rule #1 Ladies you NEVA have to pay for test shoots. I'm from NYC and have gone to agencies where they do that for FREE!!!!!
      Don't fall for the okeydoke!!!

    2. First, thanks for being our first commenter!

      We hope you visit regularly for resources and fun stuff too! We're media and info junkies who hate receiving limited or inaccurate information. We'll always strive to provide readers with verifiable entries.

      Our posts come from info we find or get directly (Kim Rivenbark sent a casting email). We made this post with additional links culled from both official CW websites. We t assumed the photographer was a courtesy for attendants while waiting. Folks just starting with modeling may not have any shots taken and having one onsite will be more beneficial to the prospective contestants before they're interviewed.

      A time saver, expert advice and the opportunity to pursue your dream job? Our first event posting may help future reality tv stars find a better bargain...maybe we should charge finder fees for our resourcefulness!

      A big THANKS to CW providing this invaluable service. But that's to be expected with NC's good old southern hospitality!