Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deal or No Deal: Cell Phones

To cut savings on utilities many people have gone from having a landline phone to just using a cell phone.  This is understandable because of the many deals you get on long distance servicing, internet options and unlimited minutes. But, how do you determine if switching off your landline is the best for you? The following are some tips and advice to consider:   
It's a good idea if:
  • You’re single, travel a lot for work and need to be reached.
  • You’re an empty nester. With no kids at home, you might depend on your landline less.
  • Your cell phone gets near-perfect reception in places where you spend most of your time.
  • You take advantage of free or low-cost VoIP, so that you have another way to stay in touch should something happen to your cell phone.
It's a bad idea if:
  • You spend more than two hours per day on the phone (a landline likely is cheaper than that many minutes on a cell plan).
  • Your family depends on a landline. Look at the cost of giving each family member his or her own cell phone.
  • You want fast 911 service. Generally, 911 operators can’t find you automatically in an emergency if you’re on a cell phone.
  • You make a large number of international calls.
Additional tips to help you maximize savings should you choose to go with only a cellphone provider: 
  1. Do the math on your billing. Many plans charge additional fees for texting and web, look for unlimited plans.
  2. Get discounts by combining your family into the family plan specials that companies offer.
  3. If you need to use 411 services DON'T pay for them. Dial 1 - 800 - 466 - 4411 for FREE.
  4. You can compare plans by checking, and
  5. Forget buying phone insurance. They carry huge deductibles that may cost just as much as purchasing a new phone. 

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