Monday, September 27, 2010

How To: Make a Consumer Complaint

Recently the CBS Early Show did a segment on consumer complaints.  There are now new, more effective ways for consumers to lodge their complaints against a company and /or a product.
The Consumer Federation of America has introduced new websites for consumer complaints.  These websites are not like the Better Business Bureau where your complaints go to die.  These companies  have proactive ways of dealing with the complaints they receive such as class action lawsuits, watching for trends in case there is a need for further investigation by government agencies and they also send your complaint to the company. -  Consumers can learn, interact and voice opinions regarding companies, products and services in an open forum. Plus company and product reviews. -  Offers information on scam alerts, recalls and class action lawsuits.  They provide consumers with updated news on companies and products. -  Provides a large list of consumer complaints that you can view as well as file. 


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