Thursday, August 26, 2010

PAWS Alert: Today is National Dog Day!!!

From Dr. Jon...
It's National Dog Day! (There is a holiday for everything, isn't there?)  August 26th marks the nation's annual celebration of dogs. It is a way to show public recognition for all of the wonderful things about our dogs and to celebrate their love, companionship, loyalty, patience and their amazing capacity to change our everyday lives. 

When I think about dogs, I think about certain moments in my life where a dog has really touched me. There are lots of moments. Times when maybe you are a bit down, having a bad day or just touched by your dog's loyalty and compassion.  One dog that I truly loved was "Bones". This dog was a stray mutt - skin and bones when he came to my door.  I think he had some German Shepherd in him as well as several other breeds. Anyway, Bones had a way of coming over to you - putting his head on your knee and looking at you with eyes that almost seemed to penetrate your soul. When I would look down into his eyes - I'd melt. How can you not smile and give him a pat - at which he immediately wagged his tail as hard as he could. Do you know what I'm talking about? 

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