Monday, June 21, 2010

HOW TO: Maximize Grocery Shopping

Maximize shopping using our examples of grocery stores we're familiar with here North Carolina. However, savings are universal and everyone should have retail stores, grocery chains and warehouse membership clubs with similar deals. 
  1. Always use those coupons you spent so much time clipping
  2. Review the weekly sales fliers to match up with the items you need
  3. Pay attention to the catalina coupons that print along with your receipt. They are sometimes for $$ off your next purchase
  4. Shop at least one store that doubles coupons everyday like Kroger
  5. Don't miss the forget about meat market's such as Carly C's IGA and bakery's like Arnold for deep discounts
  6. If the store doesn't double like Food Lion, make sure to get their shoppers card
  7. If no coupons or cards, you can still get deals at Aldi - but be aware of the inventory turnovers. What's there one week may be gone on your next visit 
  8. Those w/ large families or just like buying in bulk benefit from a warehouse/club membership such as Costco
  9. Take advantage of percentage discounts, markdowns, clearance and in store / manager specials
  10. NEVER miss the highly coveted TRIPLE COUPONS or B2G3F (buy 2 / get 3 free) deals at stores like Harris Teeter
  11. When buying meats, go ahead and put in the leg work ahead of time
    • prep items for cooking upon returning from the store or at least within the next day 
    • clean and season meats for various meals that you serve often like spaghetti
    • store servings w/ date & label "seasoned chicken", "meat sauce for pasta 8/9/10"
  12. Use the accounting method FIFO (first in, first out). In other words, rotate your items so that the oldest items are moved up to the front and your latest purchase goes to the back  
  13. Keep a running list of what you have readily on hand. (in your head or on paper)
    • don't buy the items you already have stocked up enough
    • don't forget to pick up the items that are about to run out  
  14. BOGO / B1G1 (buy one, get one) sales is a smart way to spend your Common CENTS
    • you'll get two of the same items for the price of one - (paying 1/2 price for each)
    • you usually can use two coupons - one for each item  
    • you'll have one item that's in use and one for the pantry backup/overstock         
    • shopping's a chore to some, it saves both time & energy by having a back up of an item you use often
  15. Always try to stay one step ahead of the stores
    • items are usually sold in cycles so get familiar with it
    • buy in-store markdowns - they bought too much and now have to sell it cheap
    • keep multiple coupons of items on hand for use now and later on even better sales
    • watch out for those expiration dates and anticipate future sales   
    • shop stores that take competitor coupons like Lowes Foods
These tips get you one step closer to becoming smarter in grocery shopping.

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