Saturday, May 15, 2010

Non Savings: Quick Stop Shop

I know this site is supposed to be mostly about saving money, but there were so many things happening in the city I wanted to get them posted first. There are tons of blogs out here about saving and I want you to get more than that from this one.

Well here today I'm going to give you an example of a bad shopping experience I had because I was asked to run out and pick up some items for someone right then. That wouldn't have been a problem had my trusty coupon holder been with me. But alas, it was at home as I had no plans to go to any store. *note to self and you - keep it in the car just in case.

So here's what happened, I purchased for them : angel food cake, yougurt, deli sandwhich, tortilla chips, and cheese dip. Not too many things to snack on...but I would have had coupons for at least three of those things. The out of pocket cost (even with the in-store discount) was $9.78!  OMG I spent $10 bucks for snacks? I almost cried, I'm so cheap it's sad. It wasn't even my money and the person I was shopping for didn't even think twice about it!

Bad shopper, bad, bad, shopper!  You savvy shoppers know where I'm coming from!

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