Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are you watching the News?

For those of you who don't subscribe to or visit a newspaper online- then you're missing out on the cal entertainments, best deals, and contests ever! Most of the posting you'll find on this blog will be from reading the paper or magazines to keep up with current events and we'll try to link them all to their original source when possible.

I know lots of people who say they don't watch or read the newspaper because it can be depressing. It's ok to miss it sometimes, or change chnanels, but you need to be in the know of what's happening in your surroundings, and in our world. Don't take it from me because "somebody said..." or because you read it here, go to the link when you have a chance and read it for yourself!

Sometimes I skip WRAL , WTVD or News14 Carolina because I have already watched something on CNN or online, but I still need to get my local fix. If for whatever reason you don't tune in, I implore you to take a few minutes to tune in. Use it for the time you're clipping coupons!  

Here are some pages I recommend for fun stuff because you already know where to find the actual news.

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