Friday, May 14, 2010

Event: Artsplosure 2010

How did I forget that Artsplosure - The Raleigh Arts Festival was this weekend? This is something we have participated or volunteered at for many years. We even even got a very colorful magnet in the mail a while  back reminding us of the event! My apologies to Michael Lowder and Terry Dollar who always put on a great event for the city.

Artsplosure will be open today at 1pm, and is located in the historic Moore Square and City Market of downtown. Don't miss Mirazozo by Architects of Air with a cost of only $5 you get to experience "a large scale, inflatable sculpture constructed of translucent vinyl and made up of labyrinthine tunnels and inspiring spacious domes.  A sensual world of liquid light and color, it is a multi-sensory space that welcomes, inspires and affects everyone who enters."  

It's official kickoff is tomorrow and runs through Sunday and the event is FREE with the exception of a few special exhibits. They were featured on our local WRAL news program and here is a sneak peak from today.

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