Friday, May 28, 2010

Charity: Kids Food Basket

Mission: Attacking childhood hunger in Grand Rapids.

We exist to ensure that children in our community don't go to bed hungry.
Childhood hunger hurts. It denies dignity, lessens human energy, erodes community stability and impairs the potential of children to achieve. To break this cycle of hunger, Kids' Food Basket of Grand Rapids is committed to providing healthy, tasty, efficient and cost effective evening meal sack suppers to children who are food insecure.
As a community based volunteer organization, our volunteers, ages 5 to 95, come from all walks of life to give their time, talent and treasure to end hunger among our children. We seek to provide life sustaining meals to those in need and to silence the pain that hunger brings.

What We Are

Kids' Food Basket is a hunger relief agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that provides food insecure children an evening meal each weekday at the end of the school day. The children we serve attend schools where 80% or above of students live at or below the poverty level.
Their Snack Sack Project info is a great way to help stop childhood hunger. We recommend and support donations to this effort!

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  1. On behalf of the staff and volunteers of Kids' Food Basket, thank you so much for supporting us! We truly appreciate all the ways in which people get the word out about attacking childhood hunger.

    -Christine, KFB Staff member