Monday, April 5, 2010

Impromptu Party? No Problem!

How do you pull together a last minute party within minutes? By being a smart shopper and having a stocked freezer and pantry full of items you caught on a great sales earlier. It makes having unexpected, but welcomed guests no problem at all.

Over the weekend we wanted to cook dinner outside since it was such a hot day. Who wants to be stuck in a steamy kitchen with all that heat? Upon hearing this, a friend said "got enough for me?". Well, one thing Southerners always have is enough for any and every body that wants it! You don't need any reason to have a party, all you need are The Four F's: family, friends, food and fun. Within a blink our Saturday night dinner for three turned into a game playing party of seven - or rather eight counting the little begging dog!

Off to the freezer to pull out angus burgers from Sam's club, hot dogs, sandwich buns, chicken legs, wings,  ground beef, and drummette portions for hot wings. We had a few items that were down to one or two servings -may as well get them. Waste not, want not.  Bring on popcorn shrimp, catfish nuggets, fries, and hush puppies - only 2 nuggets per person, sorry! Then just a quick grab of condiments, breaders, seasonings, oils, paper goods and a can of baked beans from the pantry and it's starting to look like planned event!

Since we were a low on hot dog buns and sweet tea, we figured we'd need to make a quick run.  But then comes a call asking if they could pick up anything while at the store...PERFECT TIMING! That's a time saver for us and we know we've got something going now. By the end of the night everyone was fed, full and we even had enough to make to go plates in the span of just a few hours.

How would you have handled pulling together a last minute party? Share your tricks and tips with others in the comment section to add to our skills set!

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