Friday, April 2, 2010

Grocery Store Policies

I recently became a member of SavvyDollar.Org and visit their forums several times a day. One of the biggest gripes you will see from those who post is that each store's individual location can have their own policy. So as not to be caught off guard, make sure you are familiar with your favorite store's rules.

Recently we requested a post of these policies that site users could review. Dan agreed to making a sticky post if I would gather the information. While compiling this list we found out some really interesting things that we weren't aware of, for example...
  • Harris Teeter proudly displays that they provide funds to local schools when you link it to your card. But Food Lion allows you to link up with both schools AND charities in your community.
  • Lowes Foods accepts local supermarket or supercenter competitor’s circular or direct mail coupons for dollars off the entire order. (examples include Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, Kroger, Super Target, Super K-Mart, Wal-mart).
  • Digital coupons can now be loaded directly onto your Kroger card - No clipping necessary.

Please take time to review the Grocery Store Policies for the above mentioned stores on the Savvy Dollar site. It is full of valuable information on coupons, baby stuff, finances, recipes drug and big box stores.  Most importantly it is a community of folks who really know their stuff! Coupon swapping with this group of avid deal seekers is highly recommended!

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