Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Best Grocery Deal EVER

You won't believe the deal we got once (2/26), we barely believed it ourselves! It's very satisfying when you get to see that the effort put into clipping coupons, spending time scanning through the sales flyers and matching them up for the best deals. YES it takes time, patience and organization...but it can be done and I hope that by posting our savings examples that you can learn to be a more savvy shopper. We ended up paying .26 cents total. NO TYPO that is twenty-six cents out of pocket...

I tried to make this detailed but still easy to read, to help clarify: 
*one coupon for each item, (with the exception of those that required you to purchase "x" number of product to get "x" amount off for the Pillsbury and Green Giant
*all Q's under $1 were doubled and is listed as (x2)
*two Q's were for the new store only
*no Q's were internet printed but five were from two different pamphlets found at Food Lion. 

We purchased the following items...
(3) capri sun @ .99ea (sale) - (-(3) $1q's from FoodLion) 
(1) gain detergent @ $2.99 (evic price) - (.50q x2)
(1) tide detergent @ $7.99 - (-.35q x 2)
(1) no yolk noodles @ 2.29 - (.75q)
(1) HT hamburger patties @ $3.12 (markdown price)
(2) Green Giant Steamers @ $2.59 (BOGO) (-(2) .40q x2)
(6) Green Giant Boxed veggies @ $6.00 ($1ea sale) (-(2) .60/3q's) (sixty cents off of 3)
(2) Pillsbury cinnamon rolls @ $3.00 ($1.50 ea sale) (-.75/2q x2) (seventy five cents off 2)
(2) Pillsbury Crescent rolls @ .99ea (-.50/2q) (fifty cents off of two)
(2) Kraft thousand island dressing @$5.00 ($2.50 ea sale) (-(2).55q x2 FL q)
(1) Bumble bee tuna @ $1.39 (-.55q x2)
(1) 5lb bag russett potatoes @.99 (sale)
(1) - $10 off a $40 order - new HT q
(1) - $7.99 new HT q for free tide
(1) - $1 off a $5 order winetag
(1) - $1 off meat winetag
(1) - $4 on purchase of 12 green giant/pillsbury products

Total amount paid oop for this order was $0.26 -TWENTY SIX CENTS!!!

I don't remember what the register rang before vic savings & q's. I had figured the total was to be around $5. When I calculated the receipt it came up to $40.31 in purchases without the coupons. It appeared that the kraft dressing q's were scanned twice @ .55 & doubled. Also one of the $1capri sun q's was keyed in as a overide at .99 by the mgr. because it wouldn't scan, & then it doubled.

But that was authorized by management, so I didn't do anything wrong. I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT!! Now if I could just get them to give me cash back like I've seen other shoppers do....

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