Friday, April 2, 2010

DEAL: Purina Dog Treats

Lowes Foods had a great deal on Purina dog treats. I was able to purchase six bags of Beggin Strips and two packages of Busy Bones using their in store sale combined with their Fresh Rewards points AND my BOGO Q's (buy one get one free coupons)

After all the discounts, these eight bags of treats that range from $3.51 - $3.89 each only came out to $13.80. This was including: $11.97 regular coupon savings and $5.02 in reward savings. The fresh rewards    print out on a hard paper ticket that you can redeem later. It also prints your rewards amounts at the bottom of each receipt showing what you've earned and what you've redeemed.

So be sure to sign up for your free fresh rewards card next time you're in Lowes Foods. My furry friend will be excited more about the treats than the savings, but we both came out winners on that trip. I will pack these away in her special bin of cheap or free treats and foods that we are able to get often!

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